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The principal developer and owner, David Hay, has been building, hosting and maintaining websites since 1996.

Some past projects include:

Willamette Week Online - wweek.com [2009 - 2010]
  • Provided lead development duties to update, maintain, and add new features to their existing site. Acted as sole developer and go-to man for 9 months during their transition to a non-Word Press site.
  • Technologies used: Word Press, PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript, Linux shell, Google Maps API, Google Analytics, Photoshop
Tracker Toys - TrackerToys.com [2007 - 2013]
  • designed and developed all [I am the business owner]
  • For social network profiles, this site maintains a running time/date stamped log of visitors to a user's profile pages (like Myspace, etc.). With a small amount of detective work, you can identify who a repeat visitor is, label them, and see stats of all the visits for any particular visitor who is visiting your page. Also, a client can create a list of text messages from which, at random, one will show up on their profile home page for all to see, each time their page is refreshed. There is also a "visitor targeting system" included such that a client can choose to allow only specific visitors to their site see messages that are targeted for that viewer only. See site for more info on other specifics.
  • Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, CSS, Flash, [X]HTML, Javascript, Scritaculous, AJAX, Prototype, Google Maps API, Photoshop
Hay News - haynews.com [2004 - 2007]
  • designed and developed all [I am the business owner].
  • developed a commercial newsletter emailing system, with templates, auto-generating HTML code for client use on their web page to generate subscribers, campaign mangement, multi-list management. using PayPal e-commerce currently.
  • Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, XML, CSS, Flash, [X]HTML, Javascript, Photoshop
Roses Restaurant - [2004 - 2006]
  • designed and developed all.
  • created a flash intro movie for the front page, followed by a photo slideshow
  • Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, XML, CSS, Flash, HTML, Javascript, Photoshop
  • sample of site avail. upon request.

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